OnwardCO FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnwardCO?
OnwardCO.org​ is a COVID-19 response site that will provide support for ​individuals​ in Colorado impacted by job loss by connecting them with essential life services (such as monies, shelter, childcare, medical/mental health resources), retraining programs and immediate employment opportunities. This will provide pathways to rapid redeployment of workers to needed industries and the reskilling of workers to help offset the impact of displacement.

Who can use OnwardCO?
OnwardCO is a free tool for anyone impacted by COVID-19. If you are out of work because of COVID-19, if you are looking for work because of COVID-19, if you need ready-to-work talent to keep pace with demand for your services during the pandemic or if you are interested in volunteering to help, you can register at OnwardCO. If you are an organization that can help any of these groups, please contact us as well so we can work together to accomplish the most good.

How will OnwardCO help me?
After registering with a few simple questions, you will have access to a centralized online source of information for displaced workers in CO. If you are out of work and want to know if any emergency funds are available to you or need help with the necessities, we can help connect you. If you need training to find a new job, we’ll help get you started. If you have skills that an employer is currently looking for, we’ll make an introduction to get you back out in the workforce.

What information is required to dynamically match me?
Your name, email address, and zip code are the only ​required​ pieces of information to complete a match; however, you can provide other information such as preferred industries and income goals that will be used to improve the quality of your matches.

Is OnwardCO a government assistance program?
No. OnwardCO is a collaborative effort between the Colorado state government and more than 100 private-sector companies to help lift the state during its time of need.

Will my information be shared?
Yes, but only with the relevant organizations and​ only if you complete the dynamic matching form​. In order to be an effective resource, we share your registration data with our partners to be sure you are connected with every resource and opportunity available to you. There is an option to browse resources by county/zip code if you would not like to submit your name and email. Please review the ​privacy policy​ for more information.

How is this different from Indeed, Andrew Hudson’s Job List, Government Jobs, or any other job board? ​OnwardCO aggregates job postings from all of these sites and its data team is regularly collecting job postings from national partners, local job boards, and through calls to small and medium businesses.

How is this different than 2-1-1, Connecting Colorado, TalentFOUND.org, or My Colorado Journey: ​This is a ​temporary​ site to connect impacted individuals to resources during the pandemic. We are working with the teams to make sure that the information in 211, Connecting Colorado, TalentFOUND, and MyColoradoJourney is part of what the individuals could be connected to based on their needs.

How long will the site be live?
The Colorado site will be live for the duration of the pandemic or through December 2020 (whichever comes first).

I need more than a link. I’d like to talk to someone to help with my resource, job, or training search. Where should I go?

Something isn’t working right on the site. How do I let someone know?
Email [email protected]​ to share your feedback.

Why are you promoting jobs while the stay at home order is in place? ​OnwardCO provides connections to essential life services, training opportunities, and employment. The jobs listed include remote work, gig work, and jobs in critical businesses that remain open while the Stay At Home order is in effect. While not everyone is able or willing to work, OnwardCO can meet the needs of those who could benefit from finding employment during the pandemic.

I am hearing about a lot of COVID-19 related scams. How do I know that the resources OnwardCO connects me to are legitimate?
The Bitwise and State of Colorado teams are monitoring the resources for accuracy and legitimacy. There is a team of about 70 that are updating existing resources and finding new information to add. If you are unsure of a resource listed please reach out to
[email protected]​ to confirm its legitimacy.